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In 2003, I made 14 major predictions about the future of the mortgage industry. Here are the predictions. As of 2009, how many have become true?

James D. Jones, Mortgage Banking | October 2003

  • Mega lenders will consolidate
  • Loan price competition will increase
  • The Internet will become indispensable to the industry
  • Community banks will specialize with portfolio products and investor relationships
  • Industry service providers will consolidate
  • Lender negotiated bundled services savings will be passed on to consumers
  • Mortgage brokers will remain essential to the industry but may decline in number due to stricter state licensing regulations
  • Lower cost alternative delivery channels – self-service Internet and call center – grow in demand
  • Paperless e-doc prep, e-closings, e-recordings and e-notes will become standard by 2013
  • Boomers, foreign-born immigrants and Gen Xs will drive mortgage demand
  • Homeownership demographics will be the most diverse in history
  • Boomers, living longer, will maximize the use of their largest financial asset – their home – to maintain lifestyles
  • Future “populist” regulations will increase lender costs, compliance burdens and liability
  • Product innovation will remain a wild-card for the United States

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What Were They Thinking?
Mortgage Banking | October 2006

Ever wonder what the consensus view of the mortgage industry is on any one topic that might be critical to setting corporate strategy? Innovative new polling technology is allowing the mortgage industry to get virtually real-time snapshots of their colleagues’ attitudes on a variety of important issues.

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Building a Best-Practice Organization
James D. Jones, Mortgage Banking | March 2005

Lending organizations today face complex challenges in building value for consumers in a commodity business. Yet the best companies are tackling organizational change that will leave them in the best-of-greed class.

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